MAXXeGUARD Hard Drive Shredder

MAXXeGUARD Hard Drive Shredder

Maxxeguard Hard Drive Shredder is highly recommended for you to choose from. The device is manufactured in the United States and the quality is world-class with many features and benefits.


MAXXeGUARD Hard Drive Shredder Destroy All Types of Hard Drives

As you may have known, currently, all companies use data operation processes to ease them in managing their products, employees, and so on. Those data processes are performed by computers.  This way, your data is stored on your computer storage or hard drive. Some of the data are probably not important. It is not a big deal if they are leaked outside or something. However, many others are considered sensitive and confidential. Even if your company no longer needs it, it is better if they are not hacked or leaked to strangers.

That's why all of those data must not only be deleted but destroyed. By destroying it using MAXXeGUARD Hard Drive Shredder, the data are completely gone physically and digitally. Furthermore, The hard drive will experience an error phase or technically malfunction for some reasons like the unstable power supply.  In this condition, you should not throw the hard disk carelessly. It is much better to destroy it to make sure all the data are kept "secrets".

Maybe, you are questioned why it is very important to destroy hard drives only to avoid the data being leaked. Sure, there is a special trick you can do to repair the disk in the hard drive so that it can be read again by the computer. For common people, this method may not be understood. But it is a different case if you are an expert in the area of computer programming.

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MAXXeGUARD Hard Drive Shredder Details

  • The product has some great features you need to acknowledge before deciding to buy.
  • First, it is an adjustable cutting line from 70 mm up to 1 mm to meet the highest security level required by the government and military.
  • Second, it destroys various digital data carriers such as hard disks, hard drives, floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, PDA’s, and still many more.
  • Third, the product is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use.
  • The product is even equipped with an LCD with simple buttons. You don't need to be an expert to operate it professionally.
  • Fifth, the design is compact and fashionable. Besides, it is also small and surprisingly lightweight, making it mobile and easy to bring anywhere.
  • Sixth, if you are afraid of the product being noisy, you should not worry. It produces only low noise. This way, it is ideal for both home and office environments.
  • Seventh, the product doesn't take too many times to destroy all the drives you put inside. It is only in some seconds. Besides, the space that is quite large also enables you to insert many drivers at once. You don't need to destroy them all multiple times.
  • Lastly, MAXXeGUARD Hard Drive Shredder is environmentally friendly. It doesn't remain dust or something that can pollute around.


MAXXeGUARD Hard Drive Shredder

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MAXXeGUARD Hard Drive Shredder Specifications

Cutting length : Adjustable from 70 mm up to 1 mm to be fully compliant.
Capable to reduce : Average particle size: 12.05 mm2)
Media : Destroys digital data carriers such as Hard disks, hard drives, SSD’s, backup tapes, USB’s, CD’s, DVD’s, floppy disks, PDA’s etc.
Process : Extremely user-friendly and easy touch screen operation.
Type : Mobile
Operation : Very low noise operation (< = 55dB)
Power : Works in an office environment (230 V, 50 / 60 cycles, 12 Amp)
Emissions : Virtually no dust or emissions during processing.
Dimensions : 1.6 x 0.65 x 1.4 m (L x W x H)

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MAXXeGUARD Hard Drive Shredder International Standard Hard Drive Shredder Device


MAXXeGUARD Hard Drive Shredder is an international standard hard drive shredder device. The device has been recognized for its performance. Even the NSA and CSS have conducted an in-depth evaluation of this product. The product also is listed as one of the best shredder devices based on many categories. One of them is that the shredder is at best to destroy many types of hard drives from the small to the big ones.

MAXXeGUARD Hard Drive Shredder also has an automatic drive feature with a very sensitive sensor. This way, its destructive ability is perfect for various types of hard drives that you usually use today. Not only it works on various sizes of hard drives but also you can use it no matter the materials used to form them. On the other hand, the hard drive shredder also can perform shredding processes automatically in case your office or home has a power outage. There are micro-sized generators to store large amounts of energy so that the destruction process will continue automatically when the power has been on.

You can use MAXXeGUARD Hard Drive Shredder to destroy all types of hard drives starting from the small to the big one. It is very important to have a shredded, particularly for offices. It is to destroy hard disks along with the data. This way, there is no possibility in the future that the data will be stolen or hacked. MAXXeGUARD Hard Drive Shredder is also equipped with many sophisticated features to make the performance much better and more efficient. That's why the product is recommended to have.

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