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Alumagubi is an IT Company dedicated to help you with all your IT needs. 'Alumagubi' means "We can do whatever you want" in Indonesian phrase. Its uniqueness initiated us to represent our confidence as one-stop-solution partner in providing all your IT related services, ranges from Web & Mobile development, consulting & procurement services, digital marketing to smart IT system solution.


This Singapore-based organization was founded in 2012, uniting a team of dedicated personels who had vast experience in each of their expertise, namely web & mobile application development, digital marketing, IT solution services, procurement & as certified project managers. Alumagubi team had years of experience working together for a well known leading map & business portal in Singapore.

Proven Experience as Engineers


For more than 7 years working in IT industry, we are proud to serve you better. Talking to an Engineer is really a shortcut to get things done efficiently and effectively, as they are well verse in IT field, thus, able to understand your requirements much better than others.


We pride ourself to always provide a listening ear for our Customers and come up with an honest solution that we can deliver on time and get the best result possible for their projects.


Effective Solution & Fast


When it comes to problem solving, we always think 3 steps ahead to provide a solution that is very rigid, yet has the potential to be easily scaled up when the customer demands new modules in the future. Fast does not mean easy, it can also mean that we are good and work effectively.


Positive Word of Mouth


Everyone starts from Zero. Being Small does not mean it is not good, being Big does not mean it is good.


There is a saying, "If you have not tried it, you will not know how good or bad the thing is." We really understand our customer's concern and we are proud to say that until today, 90% of our Customers base were, in fact, very happy with our services and, therefore, helping us to spread our Brand through positive word of mouth. This was what made us proud and drove us to serve you better.


Good Bondings with Our Customers


We do not belive in a short-term relationship, but rather strive to build a close long-term relationship with our customers.


We are well aware that by maintaining a good relationship with our customers, it gives us lots of merits points. Like Karma, if you do good, lots of good things await you.

Our Teams consist of IT professionals specialized in the following skill sets:


1. Programming: C/C++, PHP, JavaScript, API integration (Google, Facebook, Twitter and many more), HTML/HTML5, CSS, XML, Objective C, Phone Gap, Code Igniter Framework, CMS (Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento,etc), and E-Commerce integration with PayPal, eNETS & Asia Pay.

2. OS: Windows, Windows servers, Linux & FreeBSD

3. Web Service: Apache, Mysql, MongoDB & Memcache

4. Mobile: Android & iPhone, iPad, iPod (iOS)

5. Digital Marketing: EDM (Email Direct Marketing), Newsletter Design, Banner Design, Minisite Design.

6. IT Solutions: Network setup & installations, F5 Load Balancer, Cisco Ironport, Server management & procurement services (including all IT related procurement)