GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer

GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer With The #1 MFT Solution

Managed File Transfer is considered to be more efficient and more reliable when it comes to data transfer in a safe manner.


GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer

MFT or Managed File Transfer is a technology platform that uses administrative controls. It has automatization capabilities and supports as well as exceeds other security protocols. Such as HTTPS, SFTP, and FTPS.

This technology platform allows companies or organizations to securely exchange electronic data between one system to another, or one computer to another. This data exchange can be both internal and external. It also includes various types of data, including sensitive data, confidential data, and also high-volume data.

Managed File Transfer can be in the form of software or service. Many companies and organizations prefer to use MFT because it provides a data transfer method that is more secure than FTP or File Transfer Protocol. Moreover, MTF also includes functionalities and interfaces that are helpful for visibility and controls.

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GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer Help You Related to Data Transfer

Shortly, Managed File Transfer can help you to achieve some goals related to data transfer. For example, this software can help you to meet security requirements. If there are compliance standards that you have to fulfill, using MFT can be really helpful.

This technology platform can help you to meet requirements from security authorities. Such as HIPAA atau Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, HITECH atau Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health, PCI DSS atau Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, serta EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Moreover, MFT is also useful in securely managing sensitive data. This technology platform is also helpful for increasing data privacy. This includes data of patients, employees, ownership, and credit card.


GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer

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Why Do You Need Managed File Transfer?

It is important to evaluate the data management system and business security policies you enforce at your company or organization. This is purposed to make sure that you meet the existing and upcoming regulations, standards, and requirements. With this evaluation, you will be able to remove, or at least reduce inefficient systems and data leak. Managed File Transfer will be beneficial if your business needs these followings:

  • The ability to securely exchange data and files with your business partners.
  • Controls and visibility over your data movements and IT infrastructure.
  • An alternative to an unsuitable, expired data transfer method, or a method that requires high maintenance and costs.
  • Communication and engagement with other industry standard protocols, such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, dan SFTP.


GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer

  • Automation
  • Centralization and Mobility
  • Collaboration
  • Encryption and Compression
  • Connectivity
  • Inbound Connections
  • Translation
  • Auditing and Reporting
  • Security and User Controls
  • Cloud File Transfer and Integrations
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Threat Protection

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What Sets GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer MFT Apart

G2 Calls GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer Leading MFT Solution

GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer has been recognized by G2 as one of the best leading "Managed File Transfer" solutions for mid-market and enterprise organizations. This honor is given to GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer based on the solution's high levels of customer satisfaction and their position in the market compared to other products.

MFT Software Gold Medalist

Out of 30+ vendors in the MFT market, GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer received the highest overall composite score and net emotional report score, in a new 2020 report from Info-Tech Research Group.

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