MagWiper MW-1B Data Erasure Products

MagWiper MW-1B Data Erasure Products

You have to use the right tool, so no one can check the data anymore after the demolition process. A specific tool, such as the Magwiper MW-1B Data Erasure Products is a good option.


Magwiper MW-1B Functions As A Data Erasure

This product is a data erasure. Companies love to use this tool because of its compact size and lightweight. Operators can also easy to operate, along with the safe process. Users can choose the one-3.5 inches HDD or eight 2.5 inches HDD erasure zone capacity. The process is fast in which you only need to wait for about 15 seconds for the cycle time. Then, users can continue to use the tool up to an hour to erase for up to 240 3.5 inches HDD or 1.920 2.5 inches HDD.

Companies can get a lot of benefits while using Magwiper MW-1B Data Erasure Products. You are about to use the most compact tool in the world. Only because the tool is compact, doesn’t mean that it is not powerful. This erasure product is flexible enough because of its maximum power. You can use this product for small corporations, businesses, up to government institutions. This product has a sophisticated system that will erase all the magnetic media. As a result, no one can open the hard disk drive and reel tapes.

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The Way Magwiper MW-1B Data Erasure Products Works

This equipment works by saturating the magnetic media and eliminating all data. The system will erase the servo tracks, so you can’t use the hardware anymore. The data is also hard to recover after the process. You will make the unused hardware and confidential data demolish only for a few minutes. All you have to do is insert the hardware in the chamber of the erasure product. Then, push the erase button and wait for a few minutes. That’s it! Your data are gone!

The Specifications of Magwiper MW-1B Data Erasure Products Design

The design of this product is relatively small and lightweight. As a result, users can transport this product anywhere and anytime they want once they need it. The manufacturer develops it with an LCD on the front panel. It helps the data erasure process work maximally as you expect. The design allows you to use the product right away without learning something sophisticated.


MagWiper MW-1B Data Erasure Products

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MagWiper MW-1B Erasure Characteristics

Safety : The MagWipers have been tested to validate safe operation with low-level field leakage.
Portable : Relatively small and light. Easily transported to various locations for on-site media erasure.
Simple Operation : Only need to insert the target in the chamber, push the “Erase” button, and remove the target.
Flux Density Display : A front-panel LCD displays the magnetic flux density used for the data erasure.
Malfunction Alarm : If the magnetic flux density drops below a specified value, an alarm LED lights.
Operating Indicator : A flashing light at the chamber door edge visually confirms that a magnetic field is generated.
Cooling Function : A cooling fan operates as required during the operation.
LCD Display : The LCD shows total number of erasures and magnetic field intensity used for the last erasure.
Door Lock : The chamber door locks on closure to prevent operator hand insertion, or target ejection.
Use of Trays : Permits preparation of next load during recharge.
Government Standards : Meets PCI DSS, Data Security Standard, NIST Guidelines, NIST SP 800-36, NIST SP 800-88, HIPAA, PIPEDA, GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act), and California Senate Bill 1386 standards.

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Features MagWiper MW-1B Data Erasure Products

The manufacturer supports this product with several valuable features. For example, it has a malfunctioning alarm. This alarm works to give a sign if the magnetic flux density drops below the standard value. Users only have to check the LED light alarm if there is something wrong during the process. This product also has an operating indicator. This feature helps to show its users that the product starts the demolishing process. 

The manufacturer puts this feature at the chamber door in the form of a flashlight. The temperature will be back to normal right away after the erasure process due to the cooling fan. 
It prevents overheating problems that can damage the parts of the equipment. You can also see the number of erasures on the LCD screen. This screen also shows the magnetic field intensity for the last erasure process.

MagWiper MW-1B Data Erasure Products

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Safety MagWiper MW-1B Data Erasure Products

The manufacturer also cares about the safety of the users. This product passes the validation test. There are also chamber door locks. The function is to prevent operators from inserting their hands during the process. On the other hand, it also keeps the hardware inside the device during the erasure process. You are about to use a product that passes and follows government standards. This product Passes through the PCI DSS, Data Security Standard, NIST Guidelines, and HIPAA. It shows that this product is paying attention to the safety of its users. The idea is how to demolish confidential data or hardware without hurting the one who does the job. Indeed, it is a safe product to use, along with a maximal result.

Management System MagWiper MW-1B Data Erasure Products

The process is not only on the erasure process but also after doing it. This product has a specific system that allows you to turn erasure records into a database. The system boosts the process effectively. 
The manufacturer uses this system to prevent human error during the process. This system works by using a barcode reader. This tool scans the product information on the hard disk surface. The feature on the barcode reader will capture the hard disk part number or P/N and serial number or S/N. 

Operators can use this system to verify that they don’t miss any steps. Operators even can get a CSV-format or information about the erasure record. Indeed, the erasure process is much easier, simpler, and safer by using Magwiper MW-1B. You can also erase a variety of magnetic media, including HDD, LTO, DDS/DAT, AIT, FD, and many more. The most important thing is that the data will be gone and no one can open it anymore.



Model Number : MW-1B
Target Magnetic Media Erased : 3.5” and 2.5” HDD, LTO, DDS/DAT, AIT, FD, etc.
Compatible HD Recording : Longitudinal Magnetic Recording (LMR) and Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR)
Recharging Time After Erasure* : 15 sec.
Data Erasing Time : 0.1 sec.
Generated Magnetic Field : 1,592 KA/m (Approx.20,000 Oe)
Power Source*1 : AC100 / 115 / 200 / 220 / 240V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption - Charging : 115V/14A
Power Consumption - Standby : 115V/1A
Dimensions (inches) : 13.1 (W) x 11.2 (H) x 24.8 (D)
Chamber Size/Maximum Media Size : 4.5 (W) x 1.8 (H) x 9.1 (D)
Erasure Section Dimensions : 4.2 (W) x 1.7 (H) x 6.4 (D)
Weight : 46 kg / 101 lb
Operating environment : 5---35?. Humidity 20% - 80% (non-condensing)
Included : Main Unit, Media Rack, Instruction manual, One-year limited warranty *2

*1: The power source used varies by location.

*2: The Warranty covers all the defects in product and workmanship under normal use for a period of 1-year from the original purchase under the condition that the unit will be sent back to the manufacturer. However, the customer shall be responsible for any transportation cost in this case

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