syslog-ng Premium Edition

syslog-ng Premium Edition - Manajemen Log Data

Reviewing and auditing log messages is much easier for companies with the help of Syslog-ng Premium Edition.


syslog-ng Premium Edition for Data Management and Auditing

Syslog-ng Premium Edition is very helpful for organizing and auditing messages on more than 40 different platforms. As a result, companies can use this software to achieve their goals with more affordable operational costs. This software works by collecting and classifying messages from IT devices, operational systems, and applications. Then, the system will send messages to larger servers with better networks. The premium version of Syslog-ng Premium Edition is also useful for filtering and saving messages that suit enterprise IT systems and technologies.

Today, managing and auditing messages is much easier than it used to be. Products such as Syslog-ng Premium Edition will greatly assist companies in managing and auditing data. Of course, the premium version provides a lot more benefits than the company needs. Learn first how this software works to help companies manage messages or data. Companies can also use technology to organize messages with more leverage than ever before.

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  • A Company Will Has Secure Logging Infrastructure

    Syslog PE works to store the log messages in a safer infrastructure. The system will transfer the messages to the encrypted, signed, and timestamped log files. This feature is effective enough for the auditing process, especially if it is related to internal and external regulations

  • Improve Performance 

    Some companies are having a problem with Security Information and Event Management or SIEM. The weaker the security system, the easier the third-parties to access sensitive information and data. As a result, a company will have optimum preprocessing and the best TCO out. Companies can also improve their performance because this tool is compatible with all log analyzers and solutions..

  • Get Something Companies Don’t Achieve from Open Source Edition

    Syslog Open Source Edition gives a lot of benefits, but the Premium Edition adds them. Companies get something that they don’t get from the Open Source Edition. This benefit reduces operational risks, so IT managers can work maximally without anything to worry about. The Premium Edition is more compatible with other tools, including the Syslog Open Source Edition. Working with Syslog-ng Premium Edition is effortless yet it improves the productivity of the companies.


syslog-ng Premium Edition

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syslog-ng Premium Edition Prevent Information Leakage

Companies must protect sensitive information well. It will be dangerous if competitors know about the information. That’s why companies have to block the access of third parties that don’t correlate with them and messages. 
Premium Syslog is also useful to prevent information leakage. This tool has several valuable features that keep log messages safe unless the users open or use them. The sophisticated protection system also prevents viruses and keeps the unwanted third-parties away from the data or messages.

Indeed, Syslog-ng Premium Edition classifies the messages fast. It is because the system directly classifies the messages once it receives them. IT managers will only receive log messages that they need. The information above explains that reviewing and auditing log messages are easier to do right now. Companies only have to use the right tool to complete the process maximally. Companies can focus on how to improve the useful log messages to boost performance and productivity. It is also an efficient solution because companies don’t have to spend extra costs only to manage their log messages. Indeed, this tool gives a maximal result that companies expect.

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