How to Secure a Google Account Using Yubikey Security Key

Apr 22, 2021

Did you know? Username and password alone are not enough to keep online accounts like Google safe. It is necessary to log in with the Two Factor Aunthentication method as a security key. You can prevent account takeovers, using YubiKey for best security by modernizing security authentication using 2-step verification. Here are the steps to secure a google account using Yubikey:

How to Register Yubikey on a Google Account

  1. In the google account option select "Manage your google account" which will be protected using Yubikey

  2. Select the "Security" tab to set up 2-step verification

  3. Select "2-Step Verification"

  4. Select "GET START"

  5. Enter your google account password, then "Next"

  6. In the option "Show more options" select "Security Key", then "Next"

  7. Then "Next"

  8. Insert your Yubikey device into the USB port of your computer or laptop.

  9. Touch the yubikey device that has been attached to the USB port.

  10. Wait a few seconds

  11. Type the name of the security key as desired

  12. The yubikey device has been successfully patched on a google account.

  13. Now you can login to your google account using yubikey

These are the steps to secure a google account using yubikey so that you avoid pishing or hacker attacks. Now your Yubikey has been added successfully, and you can sign out and re-sign in to try out. You may have more information about Yubikey by click here.


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