With the G3, LG finally makes a phone that can take on Samsung & Apple (review)

Jul 04, 2020

  You have to admire LG’s tenacity. It doesn’t have the money and marketing clout of Samsung, its South Korean electronics sibling. And outside of TVs and home appliances, it’s struggled to establish itself as a premium consumer-electronics brand. But LG is undoubtedly the Android…

LG G3 release date for US in July; Handset now available in UK

Jul 04, 2020

LG G3 release date in the US is expected to happen in July, but the Brits are able to get their hands on the new LG smartphone first. According to Android Origin, Unlocked Mobiles now offers unlocked models of LG G3 in UK. Unlocked Mobiles is one of the biggest retailers of unlocked devices in UK and…

The LG G3 will finally launch in several new markets

Jul 04, 2020

LG on Tuesday finally announced an international launch date for its recently unveiled G3 flagship smartphone, revealing that various regions will get the handset later this week. Available so far only in South Korea, the

Inside Apple’s new iPod touch

Jul 04, 2020

A teardown of the new iPod touch Apple announced last week has revealed what many suspected: Apple appears to be losing interest in the venerable media player, the same way the market as a whole is. Apple announced the new, low-cost version of the iPod touch last week. It’s got 16GB of storage…

Apple Rolls Out New iPod Touch in Australia

Jul 04, 2020

Apple has recently announced the launch of its iPod touch in more countries worldwide, including Australia. // According to Macgasm, being offered is the latest version of iPod touch with Apple. This includes some changes to its existing line such as the addition of a rear-facing camera on all models.…

REVIEW: Google’s New Smartwatches Can Do Everything, And That’s Their Biggest Problem

Jul 04, 2020

  Steve Kovach/Business Insider The Samsung Gear Live watch running Android Wear. If you believe the hype, the next major computing platform won’t be in your pocket or on your TV or on your face. It’s going to be on your wrist. Over the last several months, we’ve seen tiny startups…

Android Wear gives us a glimpse at what home automation with an iWatch should look like

Jul 04, 2020

Home automation, a category more broadly referred to as the “internet of things,” is almost surely going to be a large and growing market in the coming years. And while Apple’s recently announced entry is the forthcoming HomeKit platform, Google has yet to announce anything…

Apple's iWatch Is Cleared For Takeoff

Jul 02, 2020

  David Singleton, Android director of engineering, wears an Android Wear watch on his wrist while speaking at the Google I/O 2014 keynote presentation in San Francisco, Wednesday, June 25, 2014. As the Internet giant's Android operating system stretches into cars, homes and smartwatches, this…

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