Most Emails Are Now Opened Using Mobile Devices

Apr 03, 2020

Smartphones are where we consume email! This has important implications for marketers. It means that you must make your emailings, both promotions and other customer communications, render well on mobile devices or they’ll be deleted.

62% of emails were opened on a mobile device. 48% of emails were opened on a smartphone and 14% of emails were opened on a tablet according to research by Moveable Ink in 2Q2013. 

Moveable Ink US -2013-Email Opens By Device

  • 51% of emailings are opened on an Apple smartphone or tablet.
  • 10% of emailings are opened on an Android  smartphone or tablet.

Moveable Ink US 2Q2013-Email Opens By Mobile Operating System

But don’t assume that Apple is the best way to get your emailing consumed!

Android users, both smartphone and tablets, spend more time with each email. Of course, you shouldn’t get too excited. We’re talking about mere seconds!

Moveable Ink 2Q2013- Email Read Length

Take into consideration where your target market is when creating your emailings since it has a strong influence on the type of device used. Surprisingly, Texas is the heaviest user of smartphones for email. 

Moveable Ink 2Q2013 - Email Opens By US State


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