DT MFS901M Media Shredder

DT MFS901M Media Shredder

With a media shredder, you will be able to destroy confidential and sensitive data without having to wait for third parties.


A Glimpse of DT MFS901M Media Shredder

DT MFS901M Media Shredder is manufactured to accommodate different kinds of media, which are paper, CD or DVD, IC cards or credit cards, and USB thumb drives. This tool is also strategically designed for all use. It offers high-security levels at P-7 for paper media, O-5 for optic media, and E-4 for electronic media. This shredding tool is quite large with its dimension of 416mm x 424mm x 730mm. The weight of the unit is 45 Kg. However, you can still easily move it wherever and whenever necessary, thanks to the small footprint attached with wheels.

This shredding machine features automatic start/stop that helps the tool to detect the presence of media. It is also equipped with a light that will give you an alert when there are paper jams or when the bin needs to be emptied. The tool also has a reverse button that you can use to overcome paper jams. For the grinding capacity, the machine can accommodate 72 sheets of paper per minute, 12 pieces of USB sticks per minute, 10 CDs or DVDs per minute, and 30 cards per minute. While for the maximum capacity, it can accommodate 6 sheets of paper per time and 1 piece of other media per time.

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DT MFS901M Media Shredder Details

  • Reliability
    The media shredder is highly reliable. The manufacturer of the DT MFS901M Media Shredder keeps technologically improving the unit to meet the newest DIN 66399 security levels. It is suitable for various sectors with highly confidential data. For example, MNCs, government agencies, and the military. In the last 2 years, the shredding tool has sold more than 20 units to multi-industry customers and military agencies that are located in Japan and Singapore. Moreover, the machine offers high-security levels at P-7 for paper media, E-4 for electronic media, and O-5 for optic media.
  • Functional, Versatile, and Easy to Use
    Suitable for different types of media, such as paper, IC cards, credit cards, USB thumb drives, CDs, and DVDs, the shredder unit is functional and versatile. It is also easy to use. You just need to put the media into the place and press the start button. The small footprint attached with wheels is featured for easy transportation. This means that you can easily move the unit wherever you want. The media shredder also has some useful features, including automatic start/stop, reverse button, and light alert. These features make it easier for you to use the machine.
  • Performance and Effectiveness
    The media shredder meets the requirements of the US Department of Defense of US DoD. It also meets the standards of CIA, National Security organizations, Top Secret US Military Departments, US Embassy, government contractors, and government agencies. As you can see, this recommended media shredder offers the highest security level. That is the review about the DT MFS901M Media Shredder. This unit of media shredder is ideal for those of you who look for a quiet, high-quality media shredder with the highest security level. Go to the manufacturer’s official website for further information about the unit.


DT MFS901M Media Shredder

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Additional Features of DT MFS901M Media Shredder

1. Jam Proof
The media shredding machine is capable of detecting the thickness of paper. So, it can avoid paper jams by rejecting sheets that excess the capacity. It also features a light that will alert you whenever there are paper jams. While the reverse button allows you to clear out paper jams.

2. Silent Operation
This media shredder works quietly, making it suitable to be placed in shared workspaces without making any noise that can bother other people.

3. Energy-Saving
This media shredder features a sleep mode that will automatically enable when the machine is not in use. So, you can save energy and power by using this media shredder.

4. Mess Reduction
The unit comes with an indicator or sensor. Such a feature will let users know when the bin is already full or when they need to turn a cleaning cycle on. So that there will not be any mess in your workspace.

5. Safety Features
The shredder machine is equipped with safety locks and sensors. These will prevent users from damaging the unit or getting hurt. As you can see, this unit is safe to use and operate.

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