Jackhammer Hard Drive Shredder

Jackhammer Hard Drive Shredder

You need to destroy all the data physically and digitally. It means that the storage must be crushed also using a certain device namely a shredder.


Jackhammer Hard Drive Shredder Lightweight and Compact Hard Drive Shredder for Your Office and Home

As we all know, currently, storage media such as HDD or SSD can also be broken or damaged. Many factors cause the problem. One of them is that it has not been used for a long time. As a result, the hard disk loses its function as storage media and can no longer be accessed.

More than that, having a problem like this can be very dangerous later. It is if there is important data in it. You may not have data that are very important like that. But it is a different story for a business or a company. There must be so much sensitive and confidential data that must not be leaked outside. If it is found by other people it might create a lot of new problems.  For example, they are theft, or the data is used for crimes.

Therefore, Jackhammer Hard Drive Shredder a way to prevent the problem is by deleting and destroying the existing data completely. It is expected that the data will not appear again. Yes, deleting the content is not enough. There is still a way that the deleted content will appear by using certain programs on the computer. You need to destroy all the data physically and digitally. It means that the storage must be crushed also using a certain device namely a shredder.

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Jackhammer Hard Drive Shredder Details

There are so many hard drive destroyer products in the market. However, not all of them can work. One of the recommendations is Jackhammer Hard Drive Shredder from SEM. It is a hard drive shredder with many features and capabilities.  This device can destroy various types of hard drives that you usually use every day including internal and external hard disks, flash disks, DVD, CD, floppy disk, and many more.

  • You can also use the Jackhammer shredder from SEM to destroy hard drives placed in a 2.5-inch laptop and computer 3.5-inch.
  • The product can also be used to destroy harder SSD drives no matter what the material.
  • For all the functions, the NSA and CSS have recognized their qualities in band performances.
  • For every destruction process, Jackhammer Hard Drive Shredder only takes around 8 seconds, Even sometimes it takes less than that number.
  • Meanwhile, the weight is only 49 lbs. This machine works by destroying the hard drive that goes into it by bending or breaking the plate.
  • this tool also damages the hard drive head along with the motor and circuit board.
  • It is very lightweight, sturdy, easy to carry anywhere and benefit is that the product is very easy to use. It is beneficial for sure for you who have no experience in operating a shredding machine before.
  • Next, the crushing process with this tool is also very fast. it only needs 8 seconds or even less than that. 
  • You can also insert some disks at once and destroy them at the same time to save your time even more.
  • The product also saves electricity and is friendly to the environment. Furthermore, it is also a kind of durable machine that can last for a long time.


Jackhammer Hard Drive Shredder

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Jackhammer Hard Drive Shredder Specifications

Degaus Cycle Time     : 30 Milliseconds
Standard Operation (Duty) Cycle     : 25 Sec.
Magnetic Field     : Max 2.0 Tesla (20,000 gauss)
Types of Media     : Hard Drives, Magnetic Media
Max HDD Dimensions     : 1.05" H x 4.30" W x 5.85" D
Secure Erase     : Yes
Voltage     : 3 phase / 460V
Power Options / Other Info     : Available in 208/230/460 3 Phase
Certifications     : NSA Approved
NSA Listed     : Listed on NSA Evaluated Products List (EPL)
Can Shred:     : Hard Drives
SKU     : mmsemBNDLH6
Inventory Unit Code     : EA
Manufactured In     : USA
Manufacturer     : SEM
Dimensions     : 11.4" W x 19" D x 23" H (Degausser) 54" x 50" x 80" (Shredder)
Weight     : 49 lbs
Warranty     : 1 Year Parts Warranty / 90 Day Labor

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Components of The Product

The device is equipped with a rear output that is combined with sliding in and out rack. The component is mounted on a hard drive thickness of 10 to 28 mm.  You can also maximize the performance of the machine by adding a slider you buy in the store. They are in a screw mount kit or a motion wheel. Some of the enhancement options above may make your job easier with the device.  Besides, the productivity increases, without reducing the work quality of the machines used. Don't wait any longer, you can buy it now and enjoy all the benefits of the product.

Warranty for those of you who purchase Jackhammer Hard Drive Shredder, the manufacturer ensures to provide a full warranty for 1 year of use.  As for the bending knife, the warranty is for a lifetime.

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