Proton PSD-SSD Solid State Destroyer

Proton PSD-SSD Solid State Destroyer

The main reason why you should use Proton SSD Solid State Destroyer is its easiness and practicality to use. Steps to operate it are very easy to understand even for a beginner. 


Multifunctional Crusher for Saving Your Confidential Data

To avoid unwanted things like data hack or theft, the best thing to do is not only deleting those data but also destroying them. Yes, nobody knows that one day a hack will attack those data and harm you.  If it isn't destroyed, then you have to keep it even if it's unused.  Don't waste the hardware.

It is a different story if this hardware device can still be accessed, then you only need to delete every data in it.  But if it can't be accessed, then there are only two options. They are saving or destroying them. Sure, keeping them can be useless in case the disks have been damaged.

Therefore, what you can do is only by destroying them. To do it, you must use a special device to make the data completely gone. It is to avoid the data being hacked or stolen by irresponsible people. This tool is called Proton SSD Solid State Destroy. The device functions not only to destroy hard drives but also to help reduce the risk of hardware being leaked outside.

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Proton PSD-SSD Solid State Destroyer Details

It is also necessary to know some product details about the hard drive shredder from Proton.  You can order this type of Proton crusher now. It is a device that will help remove unused hard disks for your safety. Besides, it is also surprisingly lightweight. The Proton PSD-SSD Solid State Destroyer guarantees you convenience.  

  • Proton PSD-SSD Solid State Destroyer is made from the United States through several manufacturing methods.
  • Maximize every function of the device and to avoid malfunctions. The destroyer space is also wide enough to make it compatible with various hardware devices.
  • You can use it to crush multiple devices at once. Generally, the hard disks to destroy inside are including cell phones, SIM cards, SSDs, flash disks, and other types of hard drives.
  • Electrogalvanized steel nails are a component used to destroy disks in the chamber. 
  • There is also a combination of several metals to produce a strong nail. These nails function to crush each in the crusher drawer completely without leaving any remains behind. 
  • Meanwhile, the time or process of destruction is also quite fast.  Usually, the destruction process in the Proton PSD-SSD Solid State Destroyer only takes 8 to 10 seconds.
  • The crusher machine also has dual sensors, namely automatic and manual sensors. It means that the product can work automatically or manually based on your needs.
  • Additionally, the Proton crusher is designed with dimensions of 15.8 x 9.4 x 13.5 cm.  Weighs about 3.5 lbs or 1.5 kg.


Proton PSD-SSD Solid State Destroyer

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Proton PSD-SSD Solid State Destroyer Specifications

Destruction Chamber / Max Media Size   : 6”D x 0.5”H x 3”W (15.24cm x 1.27cm x 7.6cm)
Media Taken   : Standard SSDs, cell phones, SIM cards, flash drives, USB thumb drives, SSHD controller boards, etc.
Destruction System   : Electrogalvanized steel spikes
Cycle Time   : 8-10 seconds
Operation   : Automatic sensor start or manual (operates without electricity)
Dimensions   : 6.22”D x 3.72”H x 5.34”W (15.8cm x 9.4cm x 13.5cm)
Weight   : 3.5 lbs (1.59 kg)


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Destroying Data to Save Them

It is probably quite contradictory how destroying things can save them. The main reason most people destroy a hard disk is to prevent it being accessed anymore in the future. You probably don't have any confidential data that must not be leaked outside. But companies, organizations, and departments in the world have. If their data are leaked, it will be disadvantageous for them. Therefore, destroying the entire drive is the best choice since it can permanently delete the data to avoid data leakage or theft.

So, how does it work? When a disk or data storage is destroyed, either partially or completely, the stored data will not be recoverable. All stored memory chips are permanently erased without any chance of illegal data retrieval.  Even disks cannot be repaired if they are properly crushed.

To get this, you need to use an engine, it is a Proton PSD-SSD Solid State Destroyer. This device can erase all memory chips without remaining easily. Besides, the product features a recognized security protocol to guarantee its safety and performance. The security protocol used is based on security standards from NIST to GDPR.




Easiness and Practicality to Use

The main reason why you should use Proton PSD-SSD Solid State Destroyer is its easiness and practicality to use. Steps to operate it are very easy to understand even for a beginner.  It is not surprising that such tools are widely used. Sure, you need to read the instructions first to make sure that the steps you do are correct. What are those steps? Here they are.

First of all, you need to insert your hard drive or hard disk into the proton destroyer. There is a slot to insert it. You can destroy some items at once to save time. After all, is enough, press the button to operate it. As information, the product has some blades to make it work. You can do the crushing activities anywhere you want. The size of this device is quite small as well as the design is compact. It makes the product can be carried so easily.

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