MediaVise® Rackmount HDD Destroyer

MediaVise® Rackmount HDD Destroyer

This MediaVise Rackmount HDD Destroyer is the best choice for businesses like server rooms and data centers. They will be able to crush their unused HDD at ease in their offices right away. 


Safe and Complete Data Destruction


It is quite tricky for some people in a professional scope to destroy hard disk drives for good. The inability to completely deconstruct a hard drive is prone to the misuse of the disk drives on the other end of it. So, it requires a high-quality tool for this particular thing to complete. One of the best choices in the marketplace of today is the MediaVise Rackmount HDD Destroyer. It is easy and safe to use that guarantees data destruction in any hard drive it destroys inside.
So far, it is a groundbreaking technology on this kind of thing. It is the first and only rack-mountable destroyer type for HDD. That underlines the ease of using it to crush any hard drive that is no longer in use. Moreover, it will eliminate the need to go to some other places to get this thing to finish the right way. It is easy to find useful information about this product on many websites at the moment. That ensures the overall quality of this product.

This MediaVise Rackmount HDD Destroyer is the best choice for businesses like server rooms and data centers. They will be able to crush their unused HDD at ease in their offices right away. One crucial benefit of it is there will be no risk that the disk drives go into the wrong parties. With the incorporation of this item, it will be impossible to recover the damaged hard disk drives to harvest any information in any of them.

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MediaVise® Rackmount HDD Destroyer Details

The performance and quality of this item are out of any reasonable doubt because NSA evaluates it already. With that evaluation from the National Security Agency, no one needs to be afraid of using it in any business. Another top-notch addition to this product is its ability to destroy SSD as well. So, it is a versatile piece of equipment for data destruction in any form of a physical disk drive. That adds to the overall benefits of this product already.

  • Among the key benefits to expect from this product is its rack-mountable style. There is no need to do some complicated things to put any HDD for destruction.
  • More importantly, it can perform the deconstruction following the RCMP standards. That plus the NSA positive evaluation is enough to underline its quality. 
  • This product has a total of 9-rack in one unit. That is more than enough to handle the requirements of any data center and server room.
  • Another great thing about this MediaVise Rackmount HDD Destroyer is its highest standards of environmental health and safety. It must be that way for the security of the workers who handle it.
  • It comes with a HEPA filtration system as well to prevent debris particles from getting airborne. 
  • There is a debris collection drawer that will collect the pieces of HDDs and SSDs after their destruction. 
  • Anyone operating this product will not need to touch and handle the debris after passing through the crushing chamber.
  • More importantly, the one-button hands-free operation is at its top benefit of this machine.
  • Overall, it is safe equipment up to the industry standards. So far, there is nothing to worry about when incorporating this tool in any business environment that needs it.


MediaVise® Rackmount HDD Destroyer

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MediaVise® Rackmount HDD Destroyer Specifications

Dimensions   : 15.83 H x 28.37 L x 18.83 W (Occupies 9 standard rack unit spaces)
Weight   : 181 lbs (excludes packing and crating)
Power Requirements   : 120 VAC 13A / 240VAC 7A, factory configured.
Maximum Media Size   : 5.75” x 4” x 1.25”
Destruction Chamber Capacity   : 1 full size HDD, 2 laptop HDDs
Media that machine designed to destroy   : 2.5″ and 3.5″ HDDs, cell phones, circuit boards, PDAs. Will also crush and destroy SSDs.
Destruction Cycle Time   : Less than 30 seconds
Destruction Modality   : 20 ton force that can only be achieved by our proprietary hydraulic power module.
Patented corrugated interlocking crushing plates destroy magnetic data storage platters, circuit boards and read/write heads of HDD. Crushes SSDs and small electronic devices.
Deployment/ Transportability   : Rack mounted in EIA standard server rack
Machine Control/ Monitoring   : Slide out to turn on. Status LEDs, microprocessor controlled processes
Media Feeding   : Gravity assisted, top loaded, one HDD at a time
Debris Collection   : Locked, secure debris collection drawer that holds up to 25 destroyed HDDs and can only be opened by an authorized operator with an access code. Window in drawer allows inspection of debris.
Maintenance/ Longevity   : Crushing plates never need replacing.
No blades to be replaced or sharpened

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It Guarantees Physical Data Security

In terms of its methods in destructing any disk drive, it is not just folding and punching some holes in it. The 20-ton crusher, with some corrugated crushing plates, will aggressively grind and crush HDD and SSD put into it. All of the magnetic storage platter surfaces will be in a great deal of damage after that. Furthermore, the sensitive read heads will also be getting damage in every square inch. In the end, all data storage surfaces will not be usable anymore in any possible way.

One more thing to know about this product is its 30-second cycle of operation. It guarantees physical data security of up to 120 disk drives per hour. Even the crushing plates will never need any replacing that indicates their longevity. All in all, it is a high-quality product in its respective industry. Even the collection drawer will hold up to 25 destroyed HDDs and SSDs at once.
The compact size of this item makes it perfect for small business server rooms and data centers. It measures 18.83 inches wide, 28.37 inches deep, and 15.83 inches tall. It weighs only 161 pounds to offer all of those benefits mentioned earlier. So, why bother thinking about purchasing other products now? It is a top-notch product with a fair price and a set of marvelous features and benefits to expect from its extensive use.


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