Proton T-1 Hard Drive Degausser

Proton T-1 Hard Drive Degausser

Permanently erases data from hard drives and various tape media with an effective magnetic field of at least 1 Tesla per cycle.





Process of Reducing or Getting Rid Magnetic Fields On The Proton T-1 Hard Drive Degausser

Have you ever heard about a degausser? A degausser comes from the word degaussing. It is also known as demagnetization or deperming. Degaussing is a process of reducing or getting rid of residual magnetic fields. This is named gauss, which is a unit of magnetism. The name gauss is also used in order to honor Carl Friedrich Gauss. Since magnetic hysteresis is particularly not possible to reduce the magnetic field completely to zero, degaussing usually induces a very small field that is known as bias.

In the beginning, degaussing was applied to reduce the magnetic signature of ships during World War II. Degaussing is also used to reduce the magnetic field in cathode ray tube monitors and destroy data stored on magnetic storage. In order to perform this process, one needs to use a degaussing tool, which is called a degausser. There are many degausser products available out there, one of them is Proton T-1 Hard Drive Degausser. Below is what you need to know about the degaussing tool.


A Glimpse About Proton T-1 Hard Drive Degausser

Proton T-1 is an economical drawer-shaped hard disk degausser. It can work automatically to ease your burden when you want to erase large amounts of HDD data in a very short time. This means that this unit can work properly. By using this tool, all data information in the form of hard drive data on all tape media will be permanently deleted at least 1 Tesla per cycle. This means that this degausser produces 1 Tesla, which is 10,000 gauss to delete all magnetic HDDs and magnetic tapes with that power.

Proton T-1 Hard Drive Degausser is ideal for low to mid-volume degaussing needs. This tool is simple and easy to use and operate. You simply just need to insert media into the drawer and press the start button. And let the tool do the rest. This degausser features an LCD display that shows the magnetic field strength of every cycle in order to ensure performance. Moreover, it is also equipped with the Digital Cycle Counter that can help the user to keep track of erasures. Proton T-1 is a very compact degausser, making it portable. The dimension of this degausser is 17.7 inches long x 9.5 inches wide x 9 inches tall. And it weighs 18 Kg. This is why this degaussing tool is perfect for small spaces and transportation. It will not take a lot of space with its compact design.


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Product Details

  • Simple operation; insert media into drawer and push start button
  • The T-1 ensures data is permanently erased and forensically unrecoverable
  • Erases all magnetic media (longitudinal and perpendicular), including all standard hard drives (laptop, desktop and network) and storage tapes (DLT, LTO, DDS, etc.)
  • Provides compliance with recognized security standards and regulations, including NIST, HIPAA, FACTA, PCI DSS, GLBA, PIPEDA, IRS, GDPR, etc.
  • Meets U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) requirements for sanitizing unclassified data
  • LCD displays magnetic field strength of every cycle to guarantee performance
  • Extremely compact and portable; optional wheeled deployment case available
  • Optional barcode scanner with audit-tracking system available
  • Maintenance free; 1-year parts and labor warranty included and extended warranty available


Proton T-1 Hard Drive Degausser

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Field Strength    : 1 Tesla (10,000 Gauss) Minimum, 1.1 Tesla (11,000 Gauss) peak
 Cycle Time    : 15 seconds
 Duty Cycle    : Continuous
 Throughput    : Up to 1,440/hour (2.5″ laptop) and 240/hour (3.5″ desktop)
 Power    : Dual voltage – (90-240 VAC @ 50-60 Hz)
Drawer Opening    : Accommodates all magnetic media within 1.2″D x 4.48″W x 10.2″H (3.04 cm x 11.37 cm x 25.91 cm)
 Weight    : 40 lbs. (18 kg)
Dimensions    : 17.7″L x 9.5″W x 9″H (45cm x 24cm x 23cm)


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Benefits of Proton T-1 Hard Drive Degausser

As it is said before,Proton T-1 Hard Drive Degausser already meets all the standards made by HIPAA, NIST, and PCL. Moreover, the product also meets the requirements made by DoD to sanitize unclassified data so that it is registered in NATO. This degaussing tool offers many benefits. It has a combo blade of 18mm and 10mm. So that the torn results to delete SSD and HDD work perfectly and effectively. Because of this benefit, Proton T-1 becomes a perfect tool to use in companies and offices.

Moreover, Proton T-1 Hard Drive Degausser is also equipped with a security switch that can reverse and disconnect the power automatically in order to avoid congestion during the removal process. This unit also features automatic sensors that make it work optimally. What makes it more interesting is that this product also has a door sensor that can be opened and closed. There is also a closed, dustproof housing as well. This is what makes this unit clean, lightweight, free from maintenance, and anyone can easily use it anywhere.

The presence of Proton T-1 Hard Drive Degausser makes the use of laptops and computers more advanced and more modern. If you are looking for a portable, compact, lightweight degaussing machine, it is worth considering choosing this unit of Proton T-1 Hard Drive Degausser.

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