Proton T-4 Hard Drive Degausser

Proton T-4 Hard Drive Degausser

This ensures complete and permanent erasure of your data and will protect your sensitive information for years to come.



Proton T-4 Hard Drive Degausser A Strong Hard Data Shredder

Proton T-4 Hard Drive Degausser is a product of a hard drive shredder. Even based on so many reviews, it is known as one of the strongest and fastest hard drive shredder tools available in the market currently. Yes, the tool has been supported by the most advanced technology and it also has patented standards so that its performance tends to be better in its class.  Moreover, Proton is also said to be able to produce 2-way magnetic fields at once.

The degausser is also namely reverse polarity. Why? The tool indeed has a positive field of 20,000 Gauss as well as a negative field of the same size.  With this speed and strength, this tool has a very strong degaussing technology from 5,000 Oe for hard drive usage.  Meanwhile, if it is used to destroy tapes it can reach 2,800 Oe. You can say that it is the greatest coercivity limit it provides based on testing from the NSA.  This way, the technology brought by the product will never be out of date.

Proton T-4 Hard Drive Degausser more interestingly, the machine is very lightweight. It only takes a little space to put inside your home. It depends on your want. It is possible to place it on the floor or table. You can say that this device is very user friendly and proven reliable in destroying all sensitive hard disk data safely.


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Product Details

With current sophisticated and reliable technology, this makes Proton T-4 Hard Drive Degausser has its benefits to give to the users.
  • The device can delete all magnetic media automatically quickly without you must operate it every time you need it.
  • This tool is already registered with the NSA EPL Degausser. Therefore, it is safe and secure.
  • You can use it to destroy confidential information in magnetic fields.
  • The product is suitable whether for home or business necessities. In other words, it is flexible. 
  • The product uses electromagnetic pulse technology with reverse polarity. Technology becomes the main source of energy. It is also the main reason why the product works well with good performance. 
  • The design of this device is very light and portable. Sure, it makes you easier to move from one spot to another.
  • In general, HDD degausser have positive or negative components. However, not all of them can work automatically like Proton T-4 Hard Drive Degausser.
  • This product is not equipped with a drawer that opens or closes because its performance can indeed work automatically. 
  • You only need to set it up at the beginning and let it work for you later based on the setting that has been made.


Proton T-4 Hard Drive Degausser

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Name   : Proton T-4 Hard Drive Degausser
Power   : Dual Voltage – Automatically converts between 110V and 220V; 60/50 Hz; single phase
Media Size   : Accommodates all magnetic media within 1″ x 6″ x 4.3″ (2.5 x 15 x 11 cm)
Erasure Cycle Time   : Less than 1 minute
Duty Cycle   : Continuous
Cycle Time   : 45 – 60 seconds
Altitude   : Operate at altitude up to 25,000 feet (7,620 meters)
Field Strength   : 20,000 Gauss positive (+2 Telsa) and 20,000 Gauss negative (-2 Tesla)
Dimensions   : 19″ H x 10″ W x 26″ D (48cm x 25cm x 66 cm)
Weight   : 128 lbs / 58 kg

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Why Should You Choose Proton T-4 Hard Drive Degausser?

Proton T-4 Hard Drive Degausser is an effective product to erase any magnetic media. It even works very well with the latest SMR technology.  You will find this tool never looks outdated as a hard disk destroyer media. Yes, the technology applied makes it good to erase even data that are newly invented in the future. Besides, it is very easy and practical to use even if you are still a beginner. Users no longer need to close and open the drawer every time they perform a degausser cycle.  It is just set up, in the beginning, to work optimally. This is how the product works differently from some of its competitors so far.  For this reason, also, using the Proton T-4 Hard Drive Degausser can save you a lot of time.

Even when you want to destroy a cassette or hard drive in a large capacity it can happen only in some minutes. The crushing process can work very well, fast, and strong without leaving big debris. The tool is completely safe because there is no need to wait for a third party to delete sensitive HDD data.  For additional protection, Proton T-4 Hard Drive Degausser now also has a built-in sensor.  is to measure how much field strength is in each cycle that is running.  Then the measurement will be conveyed on the blue LCD screen to the operator.

This is where the operator of the device will know where the positives and negatives are placed. This is how the degausser can work based on the NSA specifications. Seeing this matter, the benefits of using it are numerous. Not only is it about the product can work very well but also it is safe and environmentally friendly. It can also be used for various needs.


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