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Security Key NFC by Yubico Two Factor Authentication

Among all the breakthrough technology these days, Security Key NFC by Yubico Two Factor Authentication is a must for people who mind securing all access to their personal accounts. Whether for personal use, business, or developers, the YubiKey can be your trusted guard to preserve an encrypted password.

This series is basically a hardware-based authentication device with extra function over its Near Field Communications alias NFC function. Thanks to the new technology that supports FIDO 2 and allows companies to enable what we call ‘passwordless login’.

From its appearance, Security Key NFC by Yubico Two Factor Authentication seems like other traditional USB devices. But, when you’re looking at the details, it looks trendy with a flat body and a gold disk inside the key. The other head definitely has a keyhole, a perfect way to keep on a lanyard along with EDC gear.

Seems handy and simple, the device is very useful since it can be carried everywhere and kept separate from your gadgets. Presenting in various series, you can pick one of the most suitable matches regarding your needs. Still haven’t got an idea? Let’s see through the details.

Security Key NFC by Yubico Two Factor Security Key The Perfect Solution

Now, you can understand how important to have YubiKey is. However, it may take more time to decide which series is right to buy regarding numerous varieties of them. To make it easy, take the quiz first. It will help which kind of Security Key NFC by Yubico Two Factor Security Key is right for you.

Furthermore, see the differences between the series by comparing them. If you have not enough time to do all the research alone, simply look at the comparison chart provided on the official Yubico site. It is a perfect way to truly understand the product and feature better before making a purchase.

It is mainly used for Androids and Windows users. However, by picking the right series, it also can be applied for iPhone users. Generally, LastPass has applied it first to develop the series for any iOS system. the key is also compatible with many browsers.

Not only for a specific browser, but people can also use it widely because of its compatibility with any kind of search engine machine. From OTP in Safari to Chrome, this device will work fine automatically. Meanwhile, users should set it manually for Firefox and any other browsers with U2F protocols.

After dealing and picking the right series for your need, you can purchase it by visiting the Buying and Shipping Information section. Luckily, the site provides an automatic shipping calculator to calculate the cost of shipping and its arrival time. To keep updated with Security Key NFC by Yubico Two Factor Security Key, just follow the official account through Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and GitHub.

The Functions Of Security Key NFC by Yubico Two Factor Authentication

The Security Key NFC by Yubico Two Factor Authentication definitely works perfectly with various services already supporting FIDO 2 and FIDO U2F authentication protocol. It involves hundreds of big companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, to Microsoft.

This key offers the simplicity where people can secure and protect their personal account across unlimited online services in a single and mini device. It is quite versatile which offers user-friendly just by tap-and-go.

The authentication will be easier, with no more additional software needed. People can just simply insert it into a USB port. with only a simple touch by tapping it, the device will secure the authentication fast and easily. Security Key NFC by Yubico Two Factor Authentication will be meaningful for such of these people;

  1. IT departments who need an intuitive experience with easy and fast delivery.

  2. For a business that needs to integrate between the systems and applications to secure sensitive assets with high-level protection.

  3. For developers that need an open source to integrate with their own services, applications, or websites.  

  4. For individuals who need to secure their personal accounts and access.

How It Works Security Key NFC by Yubico Two Factor Security Key

Being favorable by 9 of 10 trusted partner of internet brands, the Security Key NFC by Yubico Two Factor Security Key has packaged in tamper-evident and safety sealed packaging. With a single touch-to-sign, it prevents remote takeovers during your login.

No need to worry about complex step, you just need to tap-and-go. Simply tap to NFC-enabled for your gadgets and devices, this key will work fine. Or, slips it into standard USB-A ports. Then, this Security Key NFC by Yubico Two Factor Security Key will help you to;

  1. Secure the login process and protect the account from hacking and others

  2. Protect online accounts from any kind of phishing or another way to illegally take over your account. It helps to preserve important files by making the stealing process be extremely difficult.

  3. Register numerous services at ease. Once you’ve registered, you will get the access to login by simply inserting the YubiKey and tap the access.

  4. Use a strong security system with asymmetric cryptography like any reputable brand these days. It has been mentioned as the pioneer of creating FIDO 2 and FIDO U2F authentication protocols that suitable for any needs.


Specifications of Security Key NFC by Yubico

USB Type






Authentication Methods


Passwordless, Strong Two Factor, Strong Multi-Factor

Identity & Access Management


AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), Centrify, Duo Security, Google Cloud Identity, Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, Ping Identity

Productivity & Communication


Google Account, Microsoft account,

Password Managers


1Password, Dashlane Premium, Keeper®



WebAuthn, FIDO2 CTAP1, FIDO2 CTAP2, Universal 2nd Factor (U2F)



FIDO 2 Certified, FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) Certified

Cryptographic Specifications


ECC p256

Design & Durability


Water Resistant, Crush Resistant, No Batteries Required, No Moving Parts

Device Type





Made in USA and Sweden


The Details Security Key NFC by Yubico Two Factor Authentication


Security Key NFC by Yubico Two Factor Authentication is typically USB-A with NFC-enabled and authentication methods by strong multi-factor, strong two factor, and passwordless technology. It can identify and access Duo Security, Centrify, Ping Identity, Okta, Google Cloud Identity, AWS Identity and Access Management, and Microsoft Azure AD.

The function itself will be helpful for U2F, FIDO 2 CTAP 1, FIDO 2 CTAP 2, and WebAuthn. Using the ECC p256 as the cryptographic specification, this key also doesn’t need any battery and quite strong. At least, it has a water and crush resistant system.
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