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YubiKey C Nano FIPS - Hardware Based Authentication Solution

A lot of people recommend YubiKey C Nano FIPS Two Factor Authentication to secure your online access. It is one of the types that this brand has, just like other variants or series, it could protect your data from the phishing action or other attacks done by hatters.

They use various kinds of authentication methods which are better than password and username combinations. That is why; this YubiKey C Nano FIPS series is more recommended for the business or government use. It has an amazing protection system.

Because of the quality that it brings, this device is granted with a certificate of 140-2 validated. Overall, it is in level 2 and Physical security level 3. The shape of this item is so simple. It is looked like a flash disk or USB device.

To connect them, you must ensure that the gadgets (smartphone, laptop, and more) have the proper USB port for this YubiKey C Nano FIPS Security Key. Well, you need to consider using this one. It can be the simplest and most effective effort to protect users. It can be used to protect the users such as the employees from any phishing and account takeovers. 

The Specs of YubiKey C Nano FIPS Two Factor Security Key

Make sure you knew the specs before purchasing this item. This variant can be used in USB-C port only. There are two kinds of authentication methods that are owned by it, those are the strong two factors and strong multi-factor.

YubiKey C Nano FIPS Two Factor Security Key has been certified with several licensed certificates. Those are like the FIPS 140-2 Certified and the FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) certified, it really proves the quality that is owned by YubiKey and its series. It is recommended for business.

The intuitive user experience is completed with the hardware-backed security key. It is so easy to set up, use, and deploy as well. In fact, it will increase organizational security. Besides, it is good to reduce helpdesk tickets as well.

The YubiKey C Nano FIPS Two Factor Security Key water-resistant. Besides, it is also crush resistant. You don’t need to be worried if you want to bring it everywhere, there are no moving parts and no batteries required for running this security key.

It is made in the USA and Sweden, basically, this tool provides three different purposes for the customers. It has a strong defense to account for takeovers, phishing, and will fulfill your need for strong authentication. Everything is in one variant.

YubiKey C Nano FIPS Strong Two Factor Authentication and Easy to Use

This one of the series has strong authentication. It is the all-in-one configurable security key that will protect your business really well. Besides that, it is also safer and easier than any other authenticator application. There is one more thing.

This YubiKey C Nano FIPS Two Factor Authentication also works well with hundreds of services you could find in this present era. It combines hardware-based and uses public cryptography to eliminate account takeovers. You can feel so safe by using this great thing.

Simply put it in the USB slot and confirm with a touch. It is super easy to start because YubiKey authentication is four times faster than typing Passcode once and does not require a battery or network connectivity so it is always accessible anywhere, anytime.

The size is also perfect, it is not so big and it could fit perfectly in your pocket. In addition, various types are also available in this product series. You could purchase based on your need for sure based on the budget.

The Best Protection for Business YubiKey C Nano FIPS Two Factor Security Key

Your online access will be strongly protected by this innovative YubiKey C Nano FIPS Two Factor Security Key. This one is also called the AAL3 from the NIST SP800-63 guide. The government and regulated industry are highly recommended to use this YubiKey series to make sure that the data is secured.

The multi-protocol supports can be gotten as well. The examples are like the smart card, U2F, OTP, Open PGP, OATH-TOTP, and many others. The wide ecosystem is available. That can deploy with the Ping, Centrify, Google, and many more again.

You should note that this device only supports the USB-C, usually, this YubiKey C Nano FIPS Security Key comes with a year warranty. The US Free shipping for at least 2 keys orders is also available. It can save more money.

This modern tool is made in America and also Sweden Companies. Since there are so many series, you can match them with the gadget that is available. It is a crush and also water-resistant. Don’t worry since this one doesn’t require batteries.

Just like the other types, this one also has two different authentication methods. Those are the strong two factors and strong multi-factor. Everything is in your hand. All of those methods offer a strong security system for your access.

Specifications of YubiKey C Nano FIPS

USB Type   USB-C
NFC-Enabled   No
Authentication Methods   Passwordless, Strong Two Factor, Strong Multi-Factor
Identity & Access Management   AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), Centrify, Duo Security, Google Cloud Identity, Idaptive, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, Ping Identity
Productivity & Communication   Google Account, Microsoft account, Salesforce.com
Password Managers   1Password, Dashlane Premium, Keeper®, LastPass Premium
Function   WebAuthn, FIDO2 CTAP1, FIDO2 CTAP2, Universal 2nd Factor (U2F), Smart card (PIV-compatible), Yubico OTP, OATH – HOTP (Event), OATH – TOTP (Time), Open PGP, Secure Static Password
Certifications   FIDO 2 Certified, FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) Certified
Cryptographic Specifications   RSA 2048, RSA 4096 (PGP), ECC p256, ECC p384
Design & Durability   No Batteries Required, No Moving Parts
Device Type   FIDO HID Device, CCID Smart Card, HID Keyboard
Manufacturing   Made in USA and Sweden


Knowing More about YubiKey C Nano FIPS Two Factor Authentication


Maybe you are questioning whether this tool is really needed or not, that is why; it is better to know about FIPS first. FIPS or the “Federal Information Processing Standard” is not a newbie in the industry. It is broadly used by some parties.

In fact, this YubiKey C Nano FIPS Two Factor Authentication is usually used by enterprises that are working in or with the regulated industries. Those are like the Federal or government agencies, it usually requires the certification of this Federal Information Processing Standards.

So, the need for this device is maybe not that urgent if you are not working in a government or federal space. Usually, your workspace will not require the FIPS 140-2 Certification. There is a reason for this case and you need to understand more.

It is because it is the certification of security that relates to strict security standards. YubiKey C Nano FIPS Two Factor Authentication is basically protecting access to computers, networking, and online service as well. That is why; it is recommended for important and secret data as well.
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