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YubiKey C FIPS Two Factor Authentication The Smart Option to Provide More Safety

YubiKey C FIPS Two Factor Authentication is one of the variants that this brand offers for its customer. It is basically having the same system and aim. However, it has several differences in detail. That is why; it is better to know further about it before you purchase one.

This type is mostly the same as other variants. It is equipped with the USB Authentication key, touch to sign, and the strong crypto. In addition, it has four form factors and a one-time-password as well. It has a good function.

The physical appearance of this device is so interesting and elegant. Its compact design makes it is as one of the compact security key in the present era. You should know that this tool is the smart option to provide more safety for employees.

It can be used against phishing and account takeovers and it has the black and gold color which is supporting the style of the executive. Besides, it has an intuitive user experience as well even if it is your first time using this device.

The YubiKey C FIPS Two Factor Authentication is supported by the hardware-backed security key. That is so easy to set up, use, and deploy. A unit of this item is sold at an affordable price as well, below is further information about this innovative design.


The YubiKey C FIPS Strong Two Factor Authentication   for Your Gadgets

YubiKey C FIPS Two Factor Security Key has superior security. It is totally different if you only use the username and password to secure something on the internet. That is why; this tool is able to be used by individuals or even companies since it is so beneficial.

The superior safety is gotten from its hardware-based authentication. It also owns the public key cryptography system. It means that this device will strongly fight and against the phishing attacks. It is truly a harmful action for your data.

In addition, YubiKey C FIPS Two Factor Security Key is a smart key that will protect you from the account takeover. Thanks to the multi-protocol feature that it has. Those are including the OATH HOTP, Yubico OTP, PIV, U2F, and also Open PGP. The authentication is completely in your hand.

As the user of this YubiKey C FIPS Two Factor Security Key you have more options to create stronger authentication. It is not only the two-factor option but also more. The examples are single factor password less and also the multi-factor ones.

The multi-factor is the strongest system where it is in conjunction with PIN and also User touch. You are the only one to open the key and operate all the related online activities. Everything can be done easily, quickly, and for sure reliable.


YubiKey C FIPS Two Factor Authentication The User-Friendly Usage

This YubiKey C FIPS Two Factor Authentication comes with an intuitive and also easy authentication experience. It will be easily used even by you who are never using it before. The security system will be organized and for sure strong. Its authentication speeds are 4 times faster.

This YubiKey C FIPS Two Factor Authentication is really faster than the OTP or even the authentication which is based on SMS. The great thing is that this tool doesn’t require any batteries or an internet connection, it means that you can use it at any time and anywhere.

The easiness offered by this tool is proven able to reduce incidents caused by password support. It could reduce the number up t0 92%. It is not only an opinion but also proven by Google’s research paper. The data was taken in 70 countries.

This YubiKey C FIPS Two Factor Authentication offers faster deployment but at less cost. It makes that this industry becomes the leader in the aspects of the system, services, and protocols. So, who is recommended to use this security key? Is it for individuals or enterprises?

Well, actually this device is highly recommended for any scopes of life. It could be the finance company, largest technology, and retail industry in this universe. Based on the data, it is used by 9 of 10 popular technology companies right now.

YubiKey C FIPS Two Factor Security Key The Key Features Offered

Basically, the function of this key is to protect your access to networks, online services, and computers. YubiKey C FIPS Two Factor Security Key function can be done because of several key features owned by this tool. It is important to know these features before using them.

The first one is the Government certified. It is validated by NIST SP800-63B guidance. Furthermore, YubiKey C FIPS Two Factor Security Key also comes with a broad ecosystem. It could deploy instantly with Ping, Okta, Centrify, Google, and many more again. Its multi-protocol system is also one of the best.

To use this YubiKey C FIPS Two Factor Security Key, you don’t need to apply several batteries nor internet connectivity. All you need to do is just inserting it and tapping to do authentication, the configuration is also easy where you could do it to several protocols.

Those are across the networks, computers, services, and online applications. This tool is also able to use in any kind of gadget. However, make sure that you match the USB port with this device. Make sure that it is matching.

As it is named, this YubiKey C FIPS Two Factor Security Key requires the USB C port type. You don’t need to doubt its durability since it is water-resistant. It also crushes resistant and there are not any moving parts in this device. That is why; it is so comfortable.

Specifications of YubiKey C FIPS

USB Type   USB-C
NFC-Enabled   No
Authentication Methods   Strong Two Factor, Strong Multi-Factor
Identity & Access Management   AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), Centrify, Duo Security, Google Cloud Identity, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, Ping Identity
Productivity & Communication   Google Account, Microsoft account, Salesforce.com
Password Managers   1Password, Dashlane Premium, Keeper®, LastPass Premium
Function   WebAuthn, CTAP1, Universal 2nd Factor (U2F), Smart card (PIV-compatible), Yubico OTP, OATH – HOTP (Event), OATH – TOTP (Time), Open PGP, Secure Static Password
Certifications   FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) Certified, FIPS 140-2 Certified
Cryptographic Specifications   RSA 2048, RSA 4096 (PGP), ECC p256, ECC p384
Design & Durability   Water Resistant, Crush Resistant, No Batteries Required, No Moving Parts
Device Type   FIDO HID Device, CCID Smart Card, HID Keyboard
Manufacturing   Made in USA and Sweden


What Browsers Are Compatible with YubiKey C FIPS Two Factor Authentication?

This question is asked by so many people, actually, it depends on the protocol which is required by the system. If it is the OTP or one-time password, most of the major browsers are compatible. Those are like the safari and more. Meanwhile, how about the FIDO U2F or the universal second factor? Actually, it depends on the browser as well.

It is also depending on how the integration is implemented in a service. Usually, Google Chrome will work for the best. Meanwhile, you need to do manual support for this U2F. However, it is as long as supported by the service. This YubiKey C FIPS Two Factor Authentication is easy to connect.

For your information, some other main browsers are not supporting the U2F protocol yet. That is why; when you purchase this thing, it is better to ask about it to the seller. A better understanding of this YubiKey C FIPS Two Factor Authentication will make you use it properly.
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