Simplify your business work system, with a good combination so that it can be used to simplify daily activities and reduce minimal miscalculations with a high degree of effectiveness.
  • syslog-ng Premium Edition

    syslog-ng Premium Edition

    syslog-ng Premium Edition for Data Management and Auditing Syslog-ng Premium Edition is very helpful for organizing and auditing messages on more than 40 different platforms. As a result, companies

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  • GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer

    GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer

    GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer MFT or Managed File Transfer is a technology platform that uses administrative controls. It has automatization capabilities and supports as well as exceeds other se

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  • Fidelis Cybersecurity

    Fidelis Cybersecurity

    Fidelis Cybersecurity The Ultimate Endpoint Protection System for More Company's Productivity Every company has a high risk of hacking and other threats that endanger the security of each compa

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  • WebARGUS


    Primary Benefits of Using WebArgus on Your Computer A website is a very important part of media promotion nowadays. Almost every company or department needs it to reach more customers. Besides, the

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  • KnowBe4


    The Definition of KnowBe4 - Security Awareness Training KnowBe4 - Security Awareness Training or SAT is a formal training about cybersecurity. Companies or organizations often provide such tra

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  • SSH Key Management

    SSH Key Management

    Whether you use Tectia SSH, OpenSSH or both, Universal SSH Key Manager™ delivers a fully interoperable and scalable SSH key management solution. It allows you to save time and money by e

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